Monday, March 16, 2009

They Knock You out for a Reason

There's a reason that you don't watch your own surgeries.  You don't know what's going on. Though you might be able to see everything, you don't have the background knowledge required to actually add anything of value.  It's the same way with Jack Bauer or a classified material, or, funny, a friend's social dynamics with others.  In each situation, if you only see alittle part of it, you're liable to freak out (probably most of all with the surgery if you wake up in the middle) and make things worse.  However rare, occasionally we judge alittle early.  Not me, I mean, I judge right off from the start, but I'm always right... OK maybe not always. Yet it doesn't stop us from making life difficult for others.
  I'm sure that Jack Bauer wouldn't appreciate being told he shouldn't carve out the terrorist's eye, or threaten a life, or speak in the loudest whisper ever. Well it's quite possible that that Jack knows people look at him funny for what he does, (when they do, they don't happen to last long) , or the doctor knows it's a risky procedure, or that the classified material is classified for a reason, or that the people in the friendship actually talk openly with another.  Though we like to bail friends out, sometimes it's just not necessary, and those doctors have weighed out the cost/benefit of the operation and decided they'd try it anyways.  Sometimes we just have to keep our focuses on things that are relevant to ourselves.
  Now, occasion will see that doctor go to his peers for advice on a difficult case, Jack call into CTU for backup or Tony to interrogate, that classified document opened up to new eyes, or that friend might want to know how to best proceed in order to not hurt anyone.  But that request for advice is not a lifetime pass to take over and inundate with personal opinions only loosely based on fact.  Warnings are helpful, but when warnings are listened to, they don't need to be repeated over and over again, talking of the doctors of course....
 I love you guys, but I can live my own life, I'll be OK, I've made it this far and survived, I can probably make it another 38 days.

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  1. jordan, you are falling a bit behind. No posts in almost a month.